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Tipico – A small introduction in English

Tipico is a company focused on project sales and importing of high-quality interior decoration products. We serve both interior design professionals and consumers alike. Our products are almost wholly manufactured and designed in Europe (eg. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium).  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our products and so far every customer has been totally satisfied as we have received zero claims.

Tipico has extensive cooperation networks. Existing agreements cover tens of thousands of products. We can also commission custom-made products, if the product is not found in any other way. We aim to be a pioneer in the field; constantly looking for new ideas from around the world and bringing closer to the Finnish customer. So whatever is your need when it comes to interior, please contact us at [email protected] or +358-400-882292. We will find it for you!

We wait for your contact

Best regards,

Sami Salli
+358 – 400 – 88 22 92
[email protected]

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